Western Star

Durable and reliable custom trucks. That’s Western Star’s claim to fame. And when you start with a new durable and reliable truck, you have a great used truck that endures the used truck market with pride. Perhaps a truck with brains and brawn is just right for you. One thing is for sure, people know a Star when they see one.

The history of Western Star Trucks dates back to 1967, with company headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio and production in Canada. Its focus was to meet customers’ demands for logging, mining and oil field heavy-duty trucks. Custom built Class 8 trucks for vocational applications followed. Western Star’s niche in the market is heavy-duty custom trucks for long haul and vocational applications. The company earned its reputation as a manufacturer of a high quality and distinctive line of premium trucks; a reputation it still enjoys today, with new and used Western Star trucks.

Looking to the driver for guidance is something Western Star did back then, and still does today. Whether you’re an over-the-road owner-operator based out of Canada or a mining truck operator in West Virginia, you have experience that Western Star wants and needs to improve on their product. Along the journey, drivers have helped spur the initiative of increasing cab headroom and improving driver visibility, setting Western Star trucks apart from others. It is a lrugged, classic, and classy truck that drivers are proud of. And it ages gracefully.

While Western Star constantly improves on existing models, they are using the feedback from drivers like you to introduce new products and innovations to the marketplace, including a series of unique sleeper options, the sleek LowMax profile, and a powerful extreme-duty vehicle.

Western Star offers the 4900 FA, 4900 SA, 4900 EX, and 6900 XD models for three key segments:
For the Owner-Operator looking for a rugged and great looking truck, Western Sat offers three models that will endure the used truck market with pride: the set-forward 4900 FA; the set-back 4900 SA, with super visibility hood; and the 4900 EX extended, conventional hood. Always with a spacious, quiet cab and supreme craftsmanship, all of the models are available with several custom options including the LowMax package and five Stratosphere sleeper sizes.


For the toughest jobs, Western Star offers a full line of rugged premium vocational trucks for applications including dump, logging, and heavy haul. The 4900 FA, 4900 SA, and 4900 EX can all be customized to meet the specific demands of any over-the-road application.

Custom built, high performance trucks for applications such as mixing, military, oilfield, snowplow and railway maintenance call for the 4900 SA; the 4900 FA is ideal for severe mixer applications; and the 6900 XD is perfect for the most challenging military, oilfield and mining jobs. It has been a winning choice with some of the toughest customers, including the Canadian military, PT Freeport mining in Indonesia, and highway maintenance for British Columbia.

If you’re an over-the-road driver, you’ll find comfort in Western Star’s roomy sleepers. Not only physical comfort, but emotional comfort, knowing you’ve purchased a durable used truck for a great price. There’s the Constellation, the Star Light Sleeper, the 6900 XD, 4900 SA and FA, and the Stratosphere Sleeper. The superb LowMax package is available on several models, boasting a sleek lower-profile stance and an abundance of stainless steel.

Western Star Trucks has long stood for the ultimate in comfort, power, and convenience -- while at the same time providing quality, durability, and reliability. From owner-operator tractors to premium vocational and severe-duty trucks, Western Stars are built exactly to the specifications of its customers and will continue to provide the most advanced and demanded options in the marketplace today, and into the future. Will your used truck outlast you? Perhaps it will if it’s a Western Star used truck.

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