Used Sterling Trucks

Do you ever wonder where Sterling Trucks came from, and where they went? The history of Sterling Trucks dates back to the early 20th century until the 1950s, when the first Sterling Truck Company was bought by White Trucks and its brand name was retired. The original Sterling Truck Company produced medium and heavy duty mixed-use trucks and was a major auto producer during World War II. The second Sterling was launched in 1998 when Daimler-Benz purchased Ford's Heavy Duty Truck Division. Sterling Trucks produced vocational trucks for specific use by various municipalities and organizations. Some of these included garbage trucks, concrete mixers, tankers and school buses, as well as delivery trucks for leading grocery store chains. At its peak, the company produced nearly 15% of Daimler's trucks. However, Sterling wasn’t doing well enough for the company, and in October, 2008, Daimler announced it would be shutting down the Sterling Truck Company by March 2009. During its lifetime, Sterling had produced over 12,000 trucks for commercial sale. Many of these used Sterling trucks can be found on our lot.

Sterling’s contribution to the new used truck market was solid. They built class 8 tractors, as well as a range of medium and heavy duty cab/chassis vehicles. With bodies added by third-party upfitters/body builders, these cab/chassis vehicles were used for freight distribution as well as heavy vocational uses, such as construction, snow plowing and refuse collection.


In the last few years of operation, the company also marketed light medium-duty cab/chassis vehicles manufactured by Mitsubishi Fuso (Sterling 360 models) and Dodge (Sterling Bullet models). These were typically outfitted with bodies suitable for use as lighter vocational trucks — those designed to perform jobs other than straight freight hauling - including fire trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks, concrete mixers, tanker trucks, school buses, and snowplows. We can help you find one of these used trucks today.

While production of Sterling vehicles has ended, support for parts and repair of vehicles will continue at authorized dealers and shops, making them a good choice for the used truck market. Sterling may have closed down, but their reputation for building the truck that gets the job done is holding strong. Whether you’re looking for an used Sterling A-Line, used Sterling L-Line, used Sterling Acterra, used Sterling 360 or used Sterling Bullet, we can find you a used Sterling truck to meet your vocational trucking needs.

A used Sterling truck will be a reliable working vehicle for you. Used trucks of this quality can improve your budget performance while still providing the reliability your business demands. To be sure that you're getting a quality used truck, each used Sterling A-Line, used Sterling L-Line, used Sterling Acterra, used Sterling Bullet and used Sterling 360 is thoroughly inspected before it is shown on UsedTruckCity.com, and we’re proud of the quality of our used trucks. We hope you will be too.

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