3 Things to Avoid so Your Truck Isn't Targeted for Inspection

Posted by on 10 November 2016

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truckinsp13 Things to Avoid so Your Truck Isn't Targeted for Inspection

  • Observable Defects

Did you know that 63% of roadside inspections are brought on by a commercial motor vehicle being driven with a noticeable defect? These defects may include inoperable required lights, underinflated or flat tires, missing hazardous material placards, fluid leaks and so on. These visual violations are just asking an inspector to pull you and your vehicle over for an inspection.


  • Moving Violations

About 22% of roadside inspections are triggered by a moving violation such as speeding, following too close, failure to obey a traffic control device and so on. These can all be avoided by the driver. Law enforcement will pay attention to drivers who violate traffic laws since this behavior puts the driver and other drivers at risk for an accident.


2014 Top Commercial Motor Vehicle Moving Violations

  • Seat Belt Violation = 53,787
  • Failure to obey = 13,640
  • Following too close = 10,078
  • Improper/unsafe passing = 2,439
  • Radar detector = 2,140
  • Failure to yield = 1,965
  • Speeding = 132,685


  • Inspection Selection System (ISS)


Inspections without a probable cause of a moving violation or an observable defect are triggered by the Inspection Selection System (ISS). ISS is the primary tool supported by FMCSA for use on the roadside to screen commercial motor carrier vehicles for inspection. Approximately 15 percent of roadside inspections are triggered by ISS.


Are you drivers Trained?

The majority of roadside inspections are triggered by driver behavior in the form of poor or pre-trip inspections or traffic violations. Knowledge is KEY. With consistent and quality training most roadside inspections could be avoided. Conduct thorough vehicle inspections that eliminate defects before going out on the road. Defensive driving and obeying traffic laws also will help.